Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does Kansas receive?

Federal fiscal year 2016 provided Kansas with a CSBG allocation of $ 5,809,380, which represents a slight increase from the FFY2015 CSBG allocation of $5, 474,673. 

The Federal fiscal year 2017 allocation is expected to be level funding.


Can my organization receive CSBG funds?

By law, 90 percent of the State’s CSBG funds must be allocated to CSBG eligible entities.  Five percent of the allocation can be used by the State for discretionary projects that meet the intent of CSBG legislation.

KHRC establishes guidelines for the awarding of CSBG discretionary grants.  Past discretionary grant competitions have occurred in May and October.   Entities eligible to submit proposals for FFY 2016 CSBG discretionary funding were CSBG-eligible entities providing services in Kansas, the Kansas statewide association of community action programs and other organizations whose primary purpose is that of eliminating the causes and effects of poverty in Kansas.


Watch this website for the release of a Request for Proposals – CSBG Discretionary Funding.